SCHOOL children will be able to safely cross a ‘dangerous’ road in Peebles with the construction of a build-out set to begin this summer.

Worried parents regarded the daily crossing of Rosetta Road as an accident waiting to happen which resulted in trial build-outs being implemented.

Following consultation, officers removed the build-out outside the Premier shop and retained the one on the opposite side.

In his update to Peebles Community Council, Councillor Kris Chapman said “final adjustments” are taking place.

He explained: “The trial build-out on Rosetta Road will be left until the summer holidays and be ready to construct over those holidays with additional pencil bollards being placed in front of the Premier shop.

“They are extending the current distance away from the pavement.

"Previously the width of the build-out had been 155 centimetres away from the footway; this has been increased to 225 centimetres. This is to improve the sight of visibility for young people and adults standing on the edge of that new build-out.

"The pencil bollards on the other side of the road are to prevent vehicles from parking on the pavement.”

He stressed: “It is still on trial phase, the roads team welcome community comment and feedback, particularly from the residents and regular users of that crossing.

"They have been modifying over the last few months upon request from many individuals.”