BORDERS MP David Mundell says "nobody could have worked harder" to deliver Brexit than Theresa May.

This morning, the Prime Minister announced she would stand down on June 7 – sparking a Conservative leadership election.

And the Secretary of State for Scotland and Tweeddale MP, told us he "is very sorry it has come to this".

Mr Mundell added: "Nobody could have worked harder, or shown a greater sense of public duty, in delivering the result of the EU referendum than Theresa May. 

"She has my utmost respect for those endeavours, in the most challenging of circumstances, as well as her unswerving commitment to the Union. 

"As Mrs May herself acknowledges, she has, however unfairly, become an impediment to the resolution of Brexit, and was no longer being given a hearing by Parliament. 

"Yesterday’s elections will surely show that delivering Brexit is now more urgent than ever, and that will fall to a new Prime Minister. 

"It's time to get on with the process of appointing one."