POLICE are stepping up patrols in a popular Peebles park following a spate of vandalism.

In recent months the level of damage and rowdiness with Haylodge Park has escalated.

It is claimed that teenagers are regularly congregating in the park.

And the gangs are responsible for smashing bottles onto neighbouring Neidpath Road.

During the police report at a meeting of Peebles Community Council, Chairman Les Turnbull said: “The thing that jumped out at me under the anti-social behaviour is these teenagers who have been causing a bit of grief up the park.

"I’ve been told by members of the public that it seems to be the same youths that are throwing bottles around and smashing them on the main Glasgow road and they are quite often in the park.

“Could I ask you to ask your patrols to pay a little bit more attention to the park now that the lighter summer evenings are coming along?”

PC Diane Sorrell said officers are already carrying out dedicated patrols within Haylodge Park since a spate of vandalism during the Easter holiday.

Tweeddale Councillor Robin Tatler added that he has addressed the issue of “vandalism and wild camping” with the Community Action Team at a recent meeting and they have promised to focus patrols in the town.

But the need for locals to report crime to police was stressed.

Mr Turnbull added: “I know it has been said at many other community council meetings but it is really important that people call in these activities as they see them, because that’s the only way we can build a case to get the Community Action Team spending more time here in the town and helping out with these problems.”