MIRIAM Adcock decided to start up a running group in Peebles.

She put the word out donned her trainers and waited hopefully for a few people to jog up.

A total of 50 enthusiastic runners strolled towards her that evening, which Miriam described as “terrifying”.

That was 10 years ago, and today the group JogPeebles, who are more commonly known as the Pink Panters, are celebrating their long-running success.

Speaking to the Peeblesshire News, Miriam recalls the time she moved to Peeblesshire and why she decided to start her own club.

“The only running club in the town at that stage was the Moorfoot runners. They were great and very nice, but their runs were pretty hard-core – like running up to the mast at Glentress and back down again. I was the slowest.

“I soon realised that if I wanted to be able to have an easy run were I could actually breathe, and maybe talk, then I’d need to set up something myself.”

Miriam had the experience and knowledge behind her having led a few beginners courses in England where she worked as a fitness instructor.

Determined to set up a club in her new hometown, Miriam discovered JogScotland and went through the training course.

Following this JogPeebles was born.

“We started with a 10 week course to get the group from beginner to 5k in time for the JogScotland Dryburgh 5k race, one of the hilliest road runs around, and one of the hottest. It was challenging but we had a great turnout.

"The club has grown over the years with regular beginner groups starting up two to four times a year.

“The most successful and craziest was the group that joined us in January 2011 on a particularly snowy day. We thought no-one would turn up, but we had a great turnout and many of them stayed on.”

And three of those runners, Caroline Tarrant, Linda McLelland and Gillian McDonald now make up the club’s social committee, who Miriam says make sure that running is not all work and no play!

Over the decade members have taken part in some notable events and dreams have become a reality.

Miriam explained: “Members have done some great runs from 5k to marathons, obstacle races to open water swims and orienteering.

"They’ve raised money for charity and raised awareness of causes.”

Gillian McDonald has raised thousand for Fragile X and Susan Stewart has highlighted the Donor register by competing in 50 events in the lead up to her 50th birthday.

Three runners have also been nominated for JogScotland Achiever of the Year awards.

Reflecting on the success of the club, Miriam said: “I started this by myself but could never have grown it to what it is today without us becoming an official club with a whole host of people helping whether on the committee or as jog leaders.”