CLIMATE change will come into focus at this year’s Beyond Borders International Festival in Innerleithen.

Since 2015, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times photographer Josh Haner has worked across the globe documenting the pressing and wide-ranging realities of global warming. And this year, events are being held in the Borders to discuss his work – which is currently being displayed at the Summerhall Corner Gallery in Edinburgh.

The exhibition combines the drama of drone footage from the air with the intimacy of still images from the ground.

New York Times director of photography Meaghan Looram said: “We’re examining quite a dire issue with climate change, but the way we’re showing it is alluring and beautiful.

“Photography allows us to draw people into stories that might be difficult, or easy to ignore, to get them to care about a tough issue.”

Photographer Josh Haner added: “It can be problematic if you over-aestheticise the impact of an issue and the sad, real-world impact it has on people across the world.

“You want to draw readers in, but not create something beautiful at the cost of the reality beneath it.”

President of The New York Times Company, Stephen Dunbar-Johnson will appear at the Beyond Borders International Festival at Traquair House on August 25 alongside other guests to discuss the images.

Founder of Beyond Borders Scotland Mark Muller said that showcasing the exhibition in Scotland would provide a platform for people to engage with the concerns surrounding climate change.

He said: “Photojournalism is a powerful medium through which to examine the wide-ranging impact of climate change around the world, and with this exhibition and discussion series, we seek to provide diverse opportunities for discussion and exchange about this pressing global issue.”

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