A NEW community garden in Peebles was officially opened last week.

Tesco store manager Tracy Wilson was given the honour of cutting the ribbon at the Gutterbluids Society’s Dovecot Community Garden.

A grant from the Tesco's Bags for Help scheme along with local donations helped fund the project on land at the junction of Dovecot Road and March Street.

Andrew Fraser, secretary of Peebles Gutterbluids Society told us: "The project would not have been possible without a £1000 grant received from Tesco’s Bags of Help Scheme, and the firm’s willingness to allow the project to go ahead on their land.

"The £1000 grant, plus a few generous local donations, paid for the 70 small, ornamental trees which were required for the garden.

"Tesco’s local Community Champion, Pauline Weir, was very supportive of the project and was keen that bench-seats should be included in the plans.

"Two bench seats were also donated by local individuals and have been refurbished, plus two new seats were kindly donated, one by the Rotary Club of Peebles, and the other by private donors."

Gutterbluids Society members and a few friends planted out the five groves of trees early last December.

And each of the saplings was in blossom this spring.

As well as its aesthetic appeal the new garden is also benefitting nature.

Mr Fraser added: “The grass in amongst the tree groves has been left deliberately to grow, providing a natural area for pollenating insects, etc, and a surprising number of wild flowers are growing there.

"Our bench-seats are proving popular, - and not only for human use.

"As a result we have had to install ‘pigeon perches’ behind two of the seats, in a bid to stop them perching on the seat backs and defacing them. Thankfully, it seems to have worked.”

Peebles Gutterbluids Society is most grateful for all the local help and support received during the creation of the community garden.