A PIONEERING project in Peebles is hoping to re-potty-train parents in a bid to help the planet.

It is estimated that the average child will go through as many as 4,000 disposable nappies before they pull on their first pair of pants.

And that the throw-away toilet aids account for around three per-cent of all household waste that goes to landfill.

Environmental charity Change Works in Peebles is hoping to persuade parents to make a return to reusable nappies.

And they are offering heavily discounted start packs as part of their conversion.

Morag Cockburn from Change Works told us: “We hope to provide parents and expectant parents with more information about the practicalities of reusable nappies, as well as their many benefits.

"Switching to reusable nappies can be a daunting prospect but the starter pack is an ideal way to test before you invest.

"Change Works in Peebles can also provide advice to families on reducing energy bills and staying warm at home, all the more important with young children in the household.”

Change Works believe parents will save up to £800 by making the change.

Modern reusable nappies are more absorbent than the pre-1980s towelling varieties, and are more comfortable.

Change Works in Peebles launch the reusable nappy starter kits at their headquarters on Wednesday, August 7, between 10am and 12noon.

Morag added: "Parents, carers and expectant parents are warmly invited to drop in and find out about reusable nappies over a coffee and cake."

The starter packs, worth almost £50, includes three types of nappies, accessories and an instruction guide will be available for only £25.

Change Works in Peebles is funded by Scottish Borders Council, Changeworks and the Scottish Government until March 2020.