THE British Legion has raised concerns that over-grown trees are spoiling Peebles war memorial which is considered one of the finest in Scotland.

The trees form part of the memorial gardens in the quadrangle of the Chambers Institute.

However, roots of both the trees are now starting to affect the path around the gardens and one tree is blocking the view of the eternal flame statue in the far corner on the memorial.

Peebles Community Council has asked locals for their feedback on the trees being removed.

Scott Rae said: “We’ve had a few responses, all of them have commented that they really do appreciate the trees being there, particularly in autumn because they are rowans and the colours are bright.

“One of the commenters works at the library, and received feedback from people that they like those trees. I think a bit more information from the trustees would be useful to understand what they are suggesting.”

Councillor Stuart Bell is one of the trustees on the Chambers Institution Trust.

He said: “The situation is that the British Legion is very concerned about the quality of the environment around the war memorial and they see the trees as instrumental and a significant part of that. The British Legion regularly talks to the Chambers Institution Trust about what can be done in order to maintain that as a peaceful and respectful environment.

“It was the British Legion that raised with the Trust the fact that the trees are out of scale and proportion in comparison with the site, and they had suggested that perhaps those trees should be cut down. Particularly the one that is blocking an eternal flame structure, but the concern is the roots.”

Councillor Bell explained that the decision would be made by the Chambers Institution Trust.

He added: “We took advice from the council’s neighbourhood services who told us that you can’t just cut two trees down without replacing them. My own view is that we should replace them with trees.

“In other words, we should respect that those trees have grown up and matured and replace them with something that adds to the environment and isn’t so overarching and that might not be a concern in regard to the people who have made representation.”

Councillor Bell requested that the consultation carried out by Peebles Community Council is passed onto the Chambers Institution Trust for consideration.