A MOBILE security camera is deterring vandals from a problem area in Peebles.

Community leaders have reported that the mobile CCTV placed within School Brae has reduced the number of incidents.

Chairman of Peebles Community Trust Lawrie Hayworth said: “I can report that we have seen the repositionable CCTV has been taking its turn on School Brae and the feedback that I got from the co-ordinator of the youth club is that it had been effective in restraining people’s behaviour.”

Council officers are to address community councils regarding the possibility of introducing CCTV within communities to target crime.

Councillor Stuart Bell updated members of Peebles Community Council on the local authority’s plans.

He said: “There was a paper brought forward to the Council and the situation is that there is a degree of concern amongst some officers as to whether spending money on CCTV in eight communities, one of which is here, is actually value for money.

“The equipment as we know is elderly and there’s new technology that might be available that would provide a more effective service.

"However, that would require investment and the Council doesn’t want to be put in a position where it has to invest in CCTV when it’s not very sure if it’s wanted.

“The Council agreed at a meeting that what we would do is ask the communities their view about what CCTV coverage they thought was appropriate and relevant for their communities. That includes the possibility of mobile CCTV, in other words, a van that can be parked in a place to monitor particular events.

“The representation I made at the Council is that I thought it was a sensible thing for this community, but it is up to this community to decide.”