PEEBLES Horticultural Society held its annual Flower Show on Saturday.

And the event, at the community centre, was a huge success.

Anne Dodds from the group said: "It was a very warm sunny day and well supported by visitors and locals alike.

"It was amazing to see so much wonderful garden produce, from flowers to fruit and vegetables.

"The handicraft and baking tables were well supplied showing a great range of talent we have in the area. The children's entries were wonderful and the floral art arrangements were stunning.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting the Flower Show in the many different ways it takes to make the show happen."


Cup winners –

John Ridley Trophy: Thomas Steele; Society Cup: Angus MacLean; Rose Bowl: J Mercer; Medal and Award Card: G Napier; Willie Greenshields Quaich: Grant Bowie; Roger Land Quaich: Angus MacLean; Challenge Cup: Angus MacLean; Rose Cup: Mandi Bain/John Brown; John Patterson: S Ormiston; The Craigerne Bowl: Angus MacLean; Society Cup: S Ferguson; Peebles Social Club Shield: John Brown; Vince Woods Memorial Trophy: Patsy Gemmel; Silver Basket: Susan Welsh; Special Award: Elaine Thomson; Anne Smith Memorial Trophy: Jackie Walker; Silver Cake Tray: Mrs M Brodie; Mary Dolmetsch Trophy: A Glendinning; Margaret Brodie Quaich: Grace Buchan; Book: Grace Thorburn; Book: Gabriela Hamza; Kerfield Cup: Mariana Hamza.

Beginners –

Three potatoes: Thomas Steele; One onion: Thomas Steele; One carrot: Thomas Steele; One Beetroot: Thomas Steele; Vase of garden flowers: Thomas Steele.

Open Section –

Three Rhubarb stalks: Thomas Steele; Three dessert apples: A Smellie; Three cooking apples: Grant Bowie; Three pears: Nancy Forsyth; Six plums: Alister Gemmel; Ten raspberries: Angus MacLean; Ten gooseberries: Angus MacLean; ½lb Blackcurrants: A Smellie; ½ Redcurrants: Angus MacLean; Fruit not mentioned: John Brown; Mini fruit collection: Alastair Dodds; Collection of soft fruit: Angus MacLean; One cucumber: Angus MacLean; One Truss tomato: J Mercer; Three tomatoes: Angus MacLean; One early cabbage: Ian Thorburn; Two cauliflowers: Angus MacLean; Two dishes of potatoes: J Mercer; Four potatoes on dish: J Mercer; Heaviest potato: Grant Bowie; Three carrots stump: J Mercer; Nine pods French beans: Grant Bowie; Nine runner beans: J Mercer; Nine pods peas: Alastair Dodds; Six pods broad beans: Angus MacLean; Three courgettes: Angus MacLean; Heaviest marrow: Priorsford Primary; Three beets long: J Mercer; Three turnip beets: Angus MacLean; Six onions: G Napier; Six flat onions: T Buchan; Six round onions: T Buchan; Three onions to clear 4" ring: Johnny Brown; Heaviest onion: G Napier; Six shallots yellow: J Mercer; Six shallots red: Johnny Brown; Six shallots pear shaped: J Mercer; Three pot leeks: T Beaumont; One celery: Johnny Brown; Vegetable not in schedule: T Buchan; One parsley plant: J Mercer; Mini collection vegetables: J Mercer; Collection of vegetables: J Mercer; One 8” Vase Floribunda Roses: John Brown; One 8” vase three Roses HT: Mandi Bain; One vase max 10” medium decorative dahlias three blooms over 6”: S Ormiston; One vase max 10” decorative dahlias three blooms: S Ormiston; One vase max 10” cactus or semi cactus dahlias three blooms: S Ormiston; One vase max 10” ball dahlias three blooms: Ian Thorburn; One 8” vase pompom dahlias three blooms not exceeding 2”: S Ormiston; Single giant dahlia: S Ormiston; Collection of mixed herbaceous flowers: Nancy Forsyth; Two cases max 10” herbaceous flowers distinct species: Mandi Bain; Vase annuals mixed gracefully arranged: Alastair Dodds; One 8” vase annuals distinct species not mentioned: Nancy Forsyth; Two 8" vases flowers distinct species: Helen Lewis; Vase border flowers mixed gracefully arranged: Alastair Dodds; One 8" vase phlox perennial three spikes: Mandi Bain; One 8" vase antirrhinum five spikes: Mandi Bain; One 8" vase asters single: T Buchan; One 8" vase asters double: T Buchan; One 8” vase carnations or pinks five stems grown in open border: T Buchan; One vase make 10" three gladioli: Amy Ridley; One 8” vase one gladioli large flowering: Ian Thorburn; Six gladioli florets: John Brown; One fuchsia plant pot not to exceed 5” any variety: H Cameron; Six fuchsia heads on a board supplied by society: Johnny Brown; One geranium pot not to exceed 10”: Nancy Forsyth; One tuberous begonia pot not to exceed 10: John Brown; One begonia head on a board supplied by exhibitor: John Brown; Three begonia heads on a board supplied by exhibitor: John Brown; Three vases max 10” chrysanthemums three varieties three blooms per vase: Angus MacLean; One vase max 10” chrysanthemums incurved or incurving three blooms: Angus MacLean; One vase max 10” chrysanthemums five blooms five varieties: Angus MacLean; One vase max 10” chrysanthemums reflex three blooms: Angus MacLean; One vase max 10” mixed chrysanthemums five blooms: Angus MacLean; One vase max 10” spray chrysanthemums: Angus MacLean; One 8” vase sweet peas one named variety nine ttems own foliage: S Ferguson; One vase pink sweet peas nine stems per vase own foliage: John Brown; One 8" vase sweet peas 12 stems mixed own foliage: S Ferguson; Society bowl of sweet peas gracefully arranged any decoration: E Smellie; Six pansies at least three varieties on board supplied by society: John Brown; Six French marigolds on board supplied by society: J Mercer; Three pot plants distinct species not to exceed 10": John Brown; One foliage plant ornamental non-flowering pot not to exceed 10": S Ferguson; One house plant: Patsy Gemmel.

Floral Art Section –

Delight in Simple Things: Marion Smellie; Spirit of the Season: Susan Welsh; Alternative World: Elaine Thomson; Arrangement in a Teacup: Marjorie Wallace; Floral Fireworks Novice: Jackie Walker.

Industrial Section –

Marmalade: John Brown; Blackcurrant jam: Angus MacLean; Raspberry jam: Grace Buchan; Strawberry jam: Grace Buchan; Jelly any kind: M Brodie; Lemon curd: M Brodie; Apple sauce: M Brodie; Three pancakes: Margaret Barr; Three fruit scones: M Brodie; Three potato scones: M Brodie; Three chocolate chip cupcakes: M Brodie; Three pieces lemon drizzle tray bake: M Brodie; Date and walnut loaf: Maureen Coyle; Plain gingerbread: M Brodie; Sultana and cherry cake: Helen Taylor; Apple tart: M Brodie; Coleslaw: Grace Buchan; Six cheese straws: A Edwards; Something new from something old: A Glendinning; Child's hat scarf and mitts: R Napier; Article in cross stitch: B Hood; Knitted soft toy: A Glendinning; Handmade birthday card any craft: A Edwards; Article in crochet: S Wellington; Ladies jumper any ply: A Glendinning; Child's Arran jumper: A Glendinning; Handicraft not mentioned: C Beaumont; 5x7 photo of pet: E Smellie.

Preschool 3-5 –

Two decorated digestive biscuits: Grace Thorburn; Three chocolate crispy cakes: Grace Thorburn; Funny face on a paper plate: Grace Thorburn; Finger print painting a hungry caterpillar: Grace Thorburn; Hedgehog picture made from leaves and twigs: Grace Thorburn.

Children's 6-10 –

Small arrangement of flowers and foliage in decorated jam jar: Orlagh Kinahan; Floating flowers in a bowl: Emily Thorburn; Vase of annuals: Gabriela Hamza; Three decorated cupcakes: Gabriela Hamza; One pitta pizza: Gabriela Hamza; Fruit person: Gabriela Hamza; Handmade birthday card: Emily Thorburn; Wool pom pom animal or bug: Gabriela Hamza; Paper plate dream catcher: Gabriela Hamza; Finger painting flowers: Emily Thorburn; Decorated plant pot: Emily Thorburn; Animal or bird made from leaves and twigs: Emily Thorburn.

Children's 11-13 –

Floating flowers in a bowl: Mariana Hamza; Vase annuals: Mariana Hamza; Three sausage rolls: Mariana Hamza; Three decorated cupcakes: Mariana Hamza; Three pieces of flapjack: Ruby Ridley; 7x5 photo flowers: Ruby Ridley; Article of choice made from wool: Ruby Ridley; Handmade birthday card: Mariana Hamza; Windsock for garden made from recycled material: Ruby Ridley; 3D hand drawing: Mariana Hamza.