A FORMER Borders support group for a UK-wide charity has raised over £2,000 to support local healthcare services.

The Royal Osteoporosis Society supports is the only UK based charity dedicated to improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

Osteoporosis weakens bones making them much more likely to break.

And it affects around three million people in the UK and causes an estimated 500,000 broken bones each year.

After providing information and support to local people affected by osteoporosis for more than 15 years, the Borders group closed in late 2018 due to a shortage of volunteers.

However, having raised thousands of pounds over several years of entertaining and unique fundraising events, the group has decided to donate the remainder of its funds to Borders General Hospital for staff training, and sponsoring local radiographer Joanne Aitchison in her studies.

Susan Greenhalgh, support co-ordinator for the ROS in Scotland said: "Borders General Hospital currently has just one radiographer trained to this level and the department couldn’t afford the training within its current budget.

“This donation is therefore making a huge difference to the local community, increasing skills and knowledge within the bone density scanning team at the hospital and improving the care of people with osteoporosis in the Scottish Borders.

“We’d like to thank the group for all its hard work over the years and its members should feel proud that they have left a wonderful legacy.”