THE results for this year's Peebles in Bloom competition have been announced.

And yet again the judging panel have been blown away by the standard of entries from across the town.

Peebles Community Council hosted last week's presentation evening with Alastair Dodds, Dean of Peebles Guildry, presenting the prizes.

Members of the town's Community Council took to the streets at the end of July to nominate gardens into the various sections.

They also presented Drew Fraser with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his continued service on many organisations within the town as well as continuing to find time to create his beautiful garden displays at Lyndene in Damdale.

Once lists of nominations were drawn up it was down to the judging panel, which consisted of Thomas Gifford from Dawyck Botanical Gardens, horticultural sculptor Val Ferguson, Haystoun head gardener Eric Gilmore, his assistant Colin Dodds, and Rona Dodds from Whitmuir Organics.

Peebles in Bloom co-ordinator Alex Wilson told us: "Peebles in Bloom is not about competition.

"It’s a way for the Community Council, on behalf of the people of Peebles, to recognise the unsung work residents do in making Peebles a brighter place.

"The town is highly regarded for its gardens, flower beds and displays, which help Peebles maintain an excellent reputation."

Mr Wilson was assisted by Anne Snoddy in organising this year's Peebles in Bloom competition.

Following the prize-giving Mr Wilson thanked Caitlin Ramsay and Lee Marriot Dowding of the Community Council for their support, Pentland Plants for donating flowers, Garry Rennie for organising the presentation night quiz and auction, and to John Swanston for the use of his projector and PA system.

Small Gardens

Gold: 14 Cademuir Drive - Mr & Mrs A. Barnett

Silver: Flat 4 Craigerne House - Margaret Davidson

Bronze: 50 Elliots Park - Mr & Mrs A Thomson

Highly Commended: 16 Gladstone Place - Mr & Mrs D White

Commended: 29 Rose Park - W Rennie, 24 Rose Park - Jean Ross, 29 Rosetta Rd - Mr & Mrs Rennie, 28 Elliots Park - Mr & Mrs Naan, 4 Kirkland St - Mr & Mrs Davidson, 3 Weymss Place - Mr D. Poli, 4 Dovecot Road - Ms J.Barrand, 1 Dovecot Road - Mrs J. Little, 47 March St - J. Mackenzie, 7 Damcroft - Mr & Mrs De Martino , 24 Dukehaugh - Mr & Mrs C. Snoddy, 10 Dunwhinny Gardens - Mr & Mrs Swan, 33 Kingsway - Mrs F. Murray, 89 Whitehaugh Park - Mr & Mrs Hobbs.

Medium Gardens

Gold: 10 Violet Bank - Mrs M. Thomson

Silver: 1 Graham Street - Mr & Mrs S. Bradley

Silver: 31 Dukehaugh - Mr R. Cameron

Silver: 9 Whitehaugh Park - Ms M. Mills

Silver: 52 Elliots Park - Mr & Mrs R. Jones

Bronze: 9 Elliots Park - Mr & Mrs Smith

Bronze: 31 Crossland Crescent - Mr & Mrs H. Gilmore

Bronze: Ashburn, Greenside - Mr & Mrs G. Napier

Highly Commended: 61 Edderston Road - Mr & Mrs D. Clark

Commended: 16 Wemyss Place - Mr & Mrs R. Wilkinson, 19 March Street - Mr & Mrs Anderson, 12 Crossland Crescent - Mr & Mrs McDonald, 14 Crossland Crescent - Mr & Mrs J. Lamb, 11 Witchwood Crescent - Mr & Mrs J. Blacklaw, 43 Damcroft - S.Rogerson & J.Waldie, 88 Dalatho Crescent - Mr & Mrs McFarlane, 19 Kirkland Street - Ms P. Hodge.

Large Gardens

Gold: 9C Damdale - Mrs H. Pretswell

Silver: 22 Connor Ridge - Mr & Mrs Bain

Bronze: 59 Edderston Road - Mr & Mrs P. Fretwell

Highly Commended: Linen House, Tweed Green - Ms R. Hamilton, Bank House, Tweed Green - D.Espie & S. MacGregor

Commended: 64 Kingsland Square - Mr & Mrs J. Montgomery, Cabbage Hall, Tweed Green - Mrs J. Norris, 14 Southpark West - Mr & Mrs A. Wignall, 18 Southpark West - Mr & Mrs D. Fielding.

All Year Round Gardens

Gold: Amarda - Mr & Mrs Butler Cole

Silver: Windover, Craigerne Lane - Mr & Mrs D. McAllister

Bronze: Alderlea, Craigerne Lane - Mrs M. Arthur

Highly Commended: Hillside, Bonnington Road - Ms M. MacFarlane


Gold: 3,5,7 Montgomery Place

Gold: 2-9 Rose Park

Courtyard Garden

Gold: 8 Dean Park Mr & Mrs S. Ferguson

Business Displays

Gold: Peebles Golf Club

Silver: The Central Bar

Bronze: The Bridge Inn

Highly Commended: Moy Mackay Gallery

Commended: Carol’s Creations, The Green Tree, The County Inn, The Cross Keys Hotel

Community Gardens

Globe: The Glebe

Silver: Tweedgreen Secret Garden

Bronze: Peebles CAN Community Garden

Secret Gardens

Gold: Oakworth, Springhill Road - Mike Caven

Silver: Westbank, Frankscroft - Mrs J. Syme

Bronze: Amarda, Craigerne Lane - Mr & Mrs Butler Cole

Bronze: 12 Biggiesknowe - Mr R. Cornwall

Highly Commended: 1 Talisman Place - Mr & Mrs W. Brodie, Kerfield House, Innerleithen Road - Mrs Percy Robb, 33 Kingsway - Mrs F. Murray, 25 George Street - Mrs P. Hughes, 37 March Street - John Falla

Commended: 20A March Street - Gavin Thomson, 3 Montgomery Place - Mr & Mrs T. Buchan, Halyrude Court, Cross Road

Overall Winner

Mrs J. Hammond’s Secret Garden at 3 Crossland Crescent