A FRIENDSHIP between three communities was celebrated on Saturday in the remote hills above Stobo.

Back in 1999 it was agreed for the Principals representing West Linton, Peebles and Biggar to end the Festival season with a show of friendship.

A central meeting point point at Hopehead and a date at the end of August were agreed.

Over the past two decades the Spurs Ride has continued to bring cavalcades from the three proud communities together.

On Saturday close to 60 riders - almost 20 from each town - made their way from opposite directions to reach the hillside.

Cornet Andrew Napier led his followers up from Peebles, while Whipman Guy Thorley was at the front of the West Linton mounted cavalcade.

A shoulder injury prevented Biggar Cornet Alan Bartholemew from saddling up for this year's Spurs Ride.

But he was on hand to open gates for the 18-strong cavalcade from his hometown who made the eight miles trek out to the Stobo Valley.

Alan told us: "I was unable to ride due to my shoulder but I still played my part by opening and closing gates for the riders from Biggar.

"The Spurs Ride is a great tradition - West Linton and Peebles are our friendly neighbours and it is a great opportunity at the end of the summer for us to meet up.

"I'm pretty sure the Spurs Ride will continue for at least another 20 years."

As is tradition all of the riders enjoyed a drink from the customary quaich.

And the three Principals were presented with engraved Spurs to mark the occasion.