IF the gasps of amazement and admiration coming from villagers were anything to go by, West Linton Horticultural Society’s annual show of flowers, fruit, veg, cookery and handicrafts in the Graham Institute was once again, a rip-roaring success.

The scent from the massive array of blooms in the hall was almost intoxicating and the vegetable section was a joy to behold.

Why do these Peeblesshire village gardeners go to such great lengths with their produce?

Because it’s a challenge, there’s a fair bit of healthy competition too – and, most importantly, it’s a load of fun.

Club president Iain Silver had plenty success on the day – he picked up 22 first prizes, including a Best in Show. Now that’s a lot of fun – and dedication!

Close on his heels, were local stalwarts John Bracken and Allan Lindsay - and it will be all to play for again next year.

Trophy Winners

Thomson Cup (Most Points in Veg, Herbs & Fruit): Dryna Donald

Ellen Meikle's Rose Bowl (Best Exhibit by lady for class 14): Doreen Calvert

Spence Trophy (Best Exhibit for Classes 1 - 100): Iain Silver

McKenzie Cup (Most Points for Flower Exhibits): Iain Silver

Robert Gray Small Rose Cup (Best Rose Exhibit): Iain Silver

Society Shield (Best Exhibit in Board Section): Lorraine Buchanan

Jim Morton Trophy (Best Exhibit in Pot Plant Section): Iain Silver

Floral Art Trophy (Most points for Floral Art): Janet Noble

Potato Trophy (Best School / Nursery Exhibit): Village Nursery

MacGregor Cup (Most Points in Cookery Section): Lesley Johnstone

West Linton WRI Trophy (Most Points in Handcraft Section): Libby Cairns


6 Pods Broad Beans: Dryna Donald

3 Beet: Neil Forsyth

Cabbage, any variety: Dryna Donald

3 Carrots, any variety: Dryna Donald

2 Heads of Celery: Joe Wilkin

1 Cauliflower: Allan Lindsay

2 Leeks, long: Neil Forsyth

1 Lettuce: Dryna Donald

3 Onions: Allan Lindsay

5 Potatoes, white (named): Evelyn Glass

5 Potatoes, coloured (named): Dryna Donald

6 Pods of Peas: Dryna Donald

6 Shallots: Dryna Donald

3 Garden Turnips: Allan Lindsay

1 Pot Parsley: John Bracken

Pot of Herbs other than Parsley: Allan Lindsay

1 Marrow - quality: Dryna Donald

3 Stalks of Rhubarb: Dryna Donald

4 Tomatoes with calyx: Marion Moore

4 Cherry Tomatoes: Ian Moore

1 Cucumber: Allan Lindsay

Any Other Vegetable: Dryna Donald

5 Potatoes, Organically Grown: Allan Lindsay

Vegetable Collection: Dryna Donald

Dish of Blackcurrants or Redcurrants: Ian Moore

Dish of Any Other Fruit: Sylvia Patterson

Pot of Salad Leaves - max 10": Allan Lindsay

Members Class

1 Beetroot: Allan Lindsay

Pot of any other Fruiting Plant: Evelyn Glass


3 Antirrhinums: Evelyn Glass

3 Annual Asters: Iain Silver

3 Annual Rudbeckia: Iain Silver

Mixed Annual Flowers: Iain Silver

9 stems of Sweet Peas without foliage: John Bracken

Sweet Peas, any number: Lesley McDavid

Vase of African Marigolds: John Bracken

Annual, Vase of one variety: John Bracken

Vase of Dahlias - any variety: Iain Silver

3 stems Carnations or Pinks: Iain Silver

3 Herbaceous Phlox: Allan Lindsay

3 Astilbe - variety or varieties: Gladys Holliday

Single variety of Herbaceous: Iain Silver

Mixed Herbaceous: John Bracken

Gladiolus 1 spike: Allan Lindsay

Shrub in Flower, single variety: Iain Silver

Foliage Shrub, single variety: Iain Silver

Mixed Flowers: Iain Silver

Mixed Foliage: Iain Silver

Bowl of Flowers: Iain Silver


3 Stems Large Flowered Roses: Iain Silver

Vase of Floribunda Roses: Iain Silver

Vase of Rambling or Climbing Roses: Lesley McDavid

Roses, any type (judged on quality): Iain Silver

One Specimen HT Rose: Iain Silver

One Rose judged only on scent: Iain Silver

Board Section

Single Bloom in Picture Frame: Evelyn Glass

6 French Marigolds: John Bracken

6 Scotch Marigolds: Roger Oakes

6 Fuchsia Blooms: John Bracken

6 Miniature Roses: Iain Silver

6 Annual Blooms - other than above: Lorraine Buchanan

6 Violas (Annual or Perennial): John Bracken

1 Begonia Bloom: Iain Silver

6 Blooms - Any other variety: Lorraine Buchanan

Pot Plants

2 Pot Plants -1 flowering, 1 foliage: Iain Silver

Begonia in flower: John Bracken

Begonia grown as a single stem: John Bracken

Foliage Begonia: Iain Silver

Foliage Plant other than Begonia: John Bracken

Geranium or Pelargonium: Allan Lindsay

Fuchsia, standard: Iain Silver

Fuchsia, max 4"diameter pot: John Bracken

Fuchsia, any size of pot: Iain Silver

Cactus or Succulent: Allan Lindsay

Annual in Flower: John Bracken

Streptocarpus: John Bracken

Patio Pot grown outside max 15": Allan Lindsay

Hanging Basket (half or full): John Bracken

Pot grown Fern: Allan Lindsay

Hanging Pot, Max 8" pot: John Bracken

Pot grown Ivy: John Bracken

Pot Plant in Flower: Janette Blackwood

Window Box, to be viewed from one side: Allan Lindsay

Members Class - Geranium: Allan Lindsay

Floral Art

Arrangement in a Teacup and Saucer: Janet Noble

Arrangement with 3 blooms: Janet Noble

Arrangement in a Kitchen Utensil: Dorothy Silver


3 Cheese Scones: Agnes Howieson

3 Potato Scones: Marie Gray

3 Pieces of Uncooked Tray Bake: Marie Gray

3 Empire Biscuits: Lesley Johnstone

8” Victoria Sponge: Libby Cairns

Savoury Dip: Agnes Howieson

Lemon Curd: Lesley Johnstone

Raspberry Jam: Doreen Calvert

3-Fruit Marmalade: Lesley Johnstone

Pâté: Sandra Bracken

Yeasted Fruit Cake: Doreen Calvert


Any Craft: Mollie Oliver

Greetings card – papercraft: Libby Cairns

Painting any Medium: Annie Suckling

Photograph – “Animal”: John Bracken

Photograph - "Local Beauty Spot”: Ian Rodwell

Knitted Baby’s Hat – 4 ply: Libby Cairns

3 Vegetables - 1 Variety: Ian Moore

Junior Section

School / Nursery Planter: Village Nursery / West Linton Primary

Eco Related Drawing: Ida P1

Something grown in welly boot: Max Fraser

A Face on a Paper Plate made of Flowers or Vegetables: Luke

Design a Garden Gnome - 2D or 3D: Ruby / Angus 1st Equal

Poster advertising the show: Stephane Hartson

Hedgehog Home made from recycled materials: Abraham Van Aswegan

Wild Flowers in Jam Jar: Zenna Motley

Drawing of Flower, accurate as possible: Maria Fraser

Recycled black Flower Pot: Ayushi Kumar

Poster advertising the Show: Nicola Amos