NEWLANDS and Kirkurd annual flower show took place on Saturday.

Anne Goodall from the event at the Newlands Centre told us: "Despite a reduced number of entries, the show was very well attended.

"It was encouraging to have so many children producing entries of vegetables and it was to everyone’s delight when Newlands School won the cup in this section.

"The show was opened and prizes presented by Karen Blissitt who, with her family, has supported the flower show for many years.

"Karen received a beautiful flower arrangement from Jon Adamson."


Flower section

One vase foliage - Lottie Hunter; Three stems alstroemeria - Lottie Hunter; Three asters - Lottie Hunter; Three phlox - Mary Howie; Three dahlias - Adrian Cottam; One begonia pot plant - Adrian Cottam; Seven stems sweet peas - Adrian Cottam; One vase annuals - Adrian Cottam; One gladiolus - Colin Laird; One vase cosmos - Adrian Cottam; One vase marigolds - Adrian Cottam; Three antirrhinums - Adrian Cottam; One single rose - Adrian Cottam; One vase mixed garden flowers - Adrian Cottam; One vase perennials - Dryna Donald; One spray cluster roses - Joan Cottrell; One geranium plant - Adrian Cottam; One orchid in a pot - Lottie Hunter; One foliage pot plant - Adrian Cottam.

Winner - Adrian Cottam; Second - Lottie Hunter; Third - Mary Howie; Special prize - Adrian Cottam.

Vegetable section

One cabbage - Sheila Chapman; Three courgettes - Newlands School; One cauliflower - Martyn Blissitt; Three beetroot - Mary Howie; Three carrots - Sheila Chapman; Three onions - Colin Laird; One single variety of fruit - Jean Swan; Three leeks - Mary Howie; Four white potatoes - Emily Chapman; Four coloured potatoes - Amy Chapman; Five tomatoes - Newlands School; Five shallots - Dryna Donald; Five broad beans - Adrian Cottam; Box of vegetables - Sheila Chapman; One cucumber - Martyn Blissitt; Any other vegetables - Newlands School.

Winner - Newlands School; Second - Mary Howie & Adrian Cottam; Special prize - Colin Laird.

Industrial section

Four plain scones - Sheila Chapman; Four scotch pancakes - Sheila Chapman; One fruit loaf - Lottie Hunter; One single fatless sponge - Lottie Hunter; Four pieces of tray bake - Lottie Hunter; One gingerbread - Kathleen Laird; Four chocolate truffles - Lottie Hunter; One cherry cake - Lottie Hunter; Four butterfly cakes - Lottie Hunter; One apple tart - Lottie Hunter; One jar fruit jelly - Margaret Currie; One jar strawberry jam - Kathleen Laird; One jar raspberry jam - Mae Cameron; One jar lemon curd - Kathleen Laird; One double knitted article - Dryna Donald; One cross stitch article - Kathleen Laird; One photo 'Little and Large' - Sue Steel; One photo 'Sport' - Catherine Cairns; One cushion (any craft) - Kathleen Laird; Floral exhibit in a teacup - Sarah Bosma; Floral exhibit 'Moody Blues' -Dryna Donald; Six free range eggs - Margaret Habeshaw; One painting any medium - Gillian Chapman.

Winner - Lottie Hunter; Second - Kathleen Laird; Third - Sheila Chapman; Special prize - Dryna Donald.

Children's section

Primary 1-2:

Drawing of a butterfly - Emily Chapman; Decorated wooden spoon - Emily Chapman.

Winner - Emily Chapman; Second equal - Allan Lord & Zara Warden.

Primary 3-4:

Decorated biscuit - Cameron Chapman; Cress in yoghurt pot - Cameron Chapman; Vegetable animal - Eva Rose Sneddon.

Winner - Cameron Chapman; Second - Eva Rose Sneddon.

Primary 5-7:

Computer generated birthday card - Abbie Louden, Amy Chapman, Aaron Prady & Isla Ritchie.

Winners - Four joints firsts.