IF you’re cycling through Peebles and you get a flat tyre, decide that your saddle is a tad too high, or you just have to fit your shiny new pedals right away, help is at hand.

Flat tyres are an inevitable and unloved part of cycling that can put a spoke in the journey of most bikers.

But thanks to a the latest Bike Repair Station unveiled at the Station Car Park, cyclists can use the free facility to make adjustments and repairs on the spot.

The Peebles station is the latest in bicycle repair units being rolled out across Tweeddale by Scottish Borders Council.

The do-it-yourself bicycle fix-it station is a robust unit that contains tools and an air pump, making basic repairs and maintenance easy.

Leader of Scottish Borders Council, Shona Haslam says she has already made use of the station installed in Innerleithen.

She added: “There is nothing worse than your bike breaking down when you are out on a ride, or getting a puncture and realising you have forgotten your pump.

"These stations will form a vital link in our cycling infrastructure and are warmly welcomed by the cycling community.

“It is great to see these bike repair stations rolled out across Tweeddale.

"The station is full of useful tools, Allen keys, a pump and a bike stand so that you can do running repairs to any minor technical difficulties.

“Having used the one at Innerleithen myself after an unfortunate flat tyre I know what a help these can be.

"Situated in the busy Station Car Park and next to our tourist information sign I am sure it will be a warm welcome for visitors coming into the town to enjoy our many cycling routes.”