A HOUSING developer in Peebles has failed to adhere to safety conditions set by Scottish Borders Council.

Members of Peebles Community Council heard last week that Persimmon had not erected the appropriate safety signage for building 71 houses at South Parks.

As we reported last month, fears had already been voiced about the excessive speed of lorries travelling to and from the site, as well as the restricted working hours being flouted.

The community council’s planning sub-committee convenor, Peter Maudsley, told Thursday’s meeting that the lorry activity had now ceased, but added that safety of the public was at risk.

“The road safety signs are still not posted. This was one of the conditions set by Scottish Borders Council on the developer that road safety signs would be posted on Caledonian Road, South Parks and Edderston Road.

“These have never been posted and the last communication I had on it was about three weeks ago, when I noticed an email from another person to an official saying the signs were now posted and I went back immediately and said ‘they’re completely meaningless, this is rubbish’.

“I got back a reply to say ‘you’re absolutely correct, they’re not the right signs’. We are now about three months into the build. Safety signs exist to keep people safe and they’re still not posted and the council are still not enforcing the condition.”

SBC leader Shona Haslam (Cons) told the meeting that council officers visited the site. She added: “Regarding the speed of lorries, the enforcement officer said the trucks were checked and at the time they were doing less than 20mph. I understand the soil removal is now finished and a combination of this and the traffic lights will result in lower speed of vehicles from the south.

“On working hours, they agreed 7am-5pm and on Saturday 8am-1pm. The officer has not been made aware of any ongoing issues in respect of working hours so if there is, please report them.

“Regarding the signage. The contractor had put up a red sign which was not agreed and they have been instructed to remove them.

“This matter has been escalated very quickly to Persimmon who have assured the planning officer that they are getting the correct yellow signs made and will erect them as soon as they arrive. We are being as forceful as we can with Persimmon to make sure that it is resolved as quickly as possible.”

Mr Maudsley added: “It just strikes me that if conditions are made and not enforced and we are three months down the line, that there’s no point in setting conditions in the first place.”