OVER a decade ago an army of green-fingered volunteers gathered together with one mission – to keep their hometown bonnie.

And that is just what these individuals did, by using their flower power to add vibrant colour to the community of Peebles.

In the winter of 2006 gardening enthusiasts embarked on community gardening journey with the formation of the aptly-named Bonnie Peebles group.

Since then it has flourished at prestigious gardening events and judged blooming marvellous in 2016 after being crowned champion of champions in the 17th Floral Gateway awards.

But this floral army needs the help of the community. Recently members vowed to adopt the flowerbeds, tubs and hanging baskets after Scottish Borders Council announced floral display cutbacks.

The group is working in collaboration with Peebles Community Council to secure funding of £10,000 to keep Peebles in bloom.

However, these volunteers lack something vital in order to take on the threatened flowerbeds. Manpower. And they have issued a warning to locals throughout the town: ‘No help means No flowers’.

Volunteers are looking to recruit new horticulture soldiers and are hoping to spread their roots with the creation of Bonnie Peebles II.

John Falla, who is part of the Bonnie Peebles team, said they want the new group to be flexible in order to fit around people’s busy lives.

Volunteers will be split into groups and allocated areas to be planted and maintained. “It’s not a horrendous job,” said John. “Possibly two to three hours perhaps every two or three weeks. Work can be carried out any time of any day that suits the group and they may well want to decide colour and layout.”

John said the floral displays were a very important feature in the town that help boost tourism which in turn helps retail, hotels and food outlets.

Bonnie Peebles and Peebles Community Council are confident they can gather the funding for the ambitious project, but have said they can’t take it on without more volunteers.

John explained: “We need the finance on an annual basis but we desperately need the volunteers. Only then can we order the plants which are on a December deadline.”

Signs calling for help have been erected in the flowerbeds throughout the town which will be planted with shrubs if the project fails to gather the required funding and volunteers.

And John has this plea to the people of Peebles: “Be proud of your town, be a Bonnie Peebles volunteer."

For more information, contact John on 01721 721289 or drop him a message via Facebook.