MUSICAL charity Nomad Beat is the latest group to benefit from tea time at a Peebles exercise class.

For years the MacFarlane Movers have been supporting local good causes.

The weekly over 60s exercise classes accept small donations for the post-workout tea and coffee.

And have so far donated £12,400 to the various charities and organisations.

Last week members of the MacFarlane Movers handed over £200 to Nomad Beat.

Jean Westwater from the exercise group told us: "Nomad Beat is determined to bring access to music to everyone in the community, particularly those who might find this difficult.

"Two new initiatives are currently being developed - Breaking Sound Barriers uses new-style instruments and digital technology to create exciting musical experiences, and Mind The Music which is free project to enhance the lives of people in the community with mental health issues."

The MacFarlane Movers meet every Wednesday morning from 10:15am to 11am at the MacFarlane Hall.

New members are always welcome.