AS part of an annual celebration of his work, the Allan Ramsay Hotel in Carlops will run a two-day event highlighting its namesake's contributions to Scottish folk music and poetry.

Dotted with performances and talks from local musicians, singers, an actor and a professor, the beginning of the weekend is sure to educate guests on the cultural heritage of the Borders.

This year, the festival will showcase the works of Ramsay and Robert Burns, and on Friday, October 18 at 7pm, Borders sangster John Nichol will make his festival debut alongside performers such as Matt Seattle, Jenni Borthwick and Ian Anderson, playing an array of folk tunes, including those of Ramsay and Burns.

On Saturday, October 19 there will be a selection of free workshops with Professor Fred Freeman from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Professor Freeman, whose career has allowed him to produce over 46 CDs of Scots music, will discuss Borders music, Burns' song and Border Pipes joined by Matt Seattle.

On the Saturday night the end of the festival for another year will be marked by the Allan Ramsay Dinner - a three course meal paired with a concert and commentary from Professor Freeman and singer John Morran. Fred and John's performance was ranked in the top ten at this year's Edinburgh Festival so is expected to be a crowd pleaser.

Tickets for the ''Easy Club' Folk Night on October 18 cost £10 and the Allan Ramsay Dinner and concert are £39. Both can be bought via Folk Night tickets can also be purchased on the door.

The workshops on October 19 will begin from 1pm in the hotel.