A WALKERBURN grandmother is "so proud" of her superstar grandsons for their 'X Factor: Celebrity' performances.

Twin brothers, Max and Harvey Mills, were shown on last weekend's first instalment of the new ITV series alongside their grandmother, Sue Tickner, Walkerburn, at Simon Cowell's luxury LA home.

The brothers, 16, have been performing for most of their lives, featuring in TV shows from the age of two and performing in the theatre, in productions such as the Sound of Music.

The twins went from busking in Walkerburn when visiting from Berkshire, to turning their hands to more modern techniques such as YouTube, Musical.ly and Tik Tok.

But, after featuring in CBBC documentary series, 'My Life', and subsequently getting their own CBBC show, 'Max and Harvey: FOMO', the teen duo were invited to compete in X Factor: Celebrity and were jetted off to la-la land perform for Mr X Factor himself, Simon Cowell.

Sue, who owns the Oyster Theatre company in Walkerburn, told us: "It's a dream, they take it all in their stride."

Since the boys' fame has risen to such dizzying heights, Sue explained how the family have reacted to it all: "They have eight million social media followers now!

"It's all grown slowly though. We've all gone with the flow. It's just another step forward in their careers for them."

This year's line-up for X-Factor shows some familiar faces and also those you may not be so acquainted with. World-renowned journalist, Martin Bashir and Jenny Ryan, The Vixen from ITV's 'The Chase' are joined by competitors from across the pond such as Rikki Lake, American TV host and star of the 1988 John Water's sensation, Hairspray and Glee star, Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams).

'Millsies', the nickname given to the singers' fans, are bound to beg parents to stay up until 10pm tonight (October 19) to see the outcome of the first round of musical delights, as so far, the show has moved from its traditional weekend-long event to just being on a Saturday night.

Fans will also have the boys' upcoming UK tour to look forward to.

All set up for February 2020, they'll travel around the UK, including a visit Glasgow on the Scottish leg of the tour.

To see how Max and Harvey get on at Simon's house, be sure to tune in to ITV from 8.30pm to 10pm tonight.