This month we launch a new initiative for young workers and continue our search for the things that we most need, people and funds, writes Adrian Dunn, from Peebles and District Citizens Advice Bureau

Do the Rights Thing

Peebles and District Citizens Advice Bureau has launched ‘Do the Rights Thing’, a new campaign to help raise awareness among young people in Tweeddale of their employment rights.

The campaign, which is taking place across Scotland through the Citizens Advice network, aims to:

• Raise awareness among young people of their employment rights and where they can seek advice online

• Empower young people to take action when their rights are not being upheld

• Encourage young people to share their experiences of poor employment practices via an online interactive form

CAS’s Advice for Scotland website has detailed information on rights in the workplace and can be found by visiting

Alongside the advice pages, CAS has launched a new online tool enabling young people under 25 years old to submit their experiences of horrible bosses, dodgy pay, long hours and other bad experiences at work which can be found by following the link –

Peebles CAB manager, Gill Westwood, said: “Knowing your rights at work is very important at any age but particularly for young people who are often trapped in a cycle of insecure work, low pay and limited opportunities.

“That’s why as part of our ‘Do the Rights Thing’ campaign we are raising awareness about young people’s rights at work.

“This will give young people in Tweeddale the confidence around knowing their employment rights and empower them to take action when they are not being upheld.

“Our Advice for Scotland website is also a fantastic resource with easy to understand information about your rights at work and we’re also asking young people to submit their bad experiences at work online.

“You don’t have to give your name or personal details if you don’t want to and by taking part you’ll be able to inform our future work as we continue to stand up for young people in Tweeddale."

Friends of Peebles CAB

The friends group was launched at the AGM and the steering group are meeting shortly to formulate plans for fund-raising. Leaflets containing friends application forms are being left all over town and a Facebook page is now up and running – Friends of Peebles CAB – please have a look and sign up!

Meanwhile Friends of Peebles and District CAB enquiries should be sent to Lyndal Bale at the CAB office, usual address and phone number, or to this email address

Volunteer recruitment evening

We will be running a volunteer recruitment evening in the CAB office on the evening of Tuesday, November 12, in the CAB office (see below). The evening will run from 5-6.30pm. The purpose of the evening is to allow people who are interested in volunteering to attend an informal opportunity to explore what we do, how we train advisers, and how you can get involved. If you would like to attend, please contact us to let us know or if that date isn’t convenient, to arrange an alternative.

Please pop in, phone or email: Emma Grigor, session supervisor and administrator, Peebles and District Citizens Advice Bureau, Chambers Institution, High Street, Peebles, EH45 8AG. Call 01721 721722

or email