As communities across Tweeddale paused to silently remember the Fallen, senior pupils at Peebles High School reminded their peers to think of the war heroes who struggled with the horrors of battle.

Poppies were adorned by reverent students who poured into the school’s assembly hall for a Remembrance Service led by prefects.

They focused on the psychological trauma experienced by soldiers and the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder that plagued them for the rest of their lives.

Following a two minute silence, pupils spoke about the challenges seen a century ago that are equally relevant today, such as the stigma of and attitudes to mental health.

The students sent out the simple message to their peers that “it’s okay not to be okay” and the importance of reaching out for support and help.

During this period of reflection the young students considered the realities of conflict, understanding something about those that are affected by wars, and learning a little of the importance of not just peace, but peace of mind.