In October, Sandy Goodwill attended the performance of Wonderful Weather by the Peebles Players in the Eastgate Theatre.

It was a delight to spend an October afternoon in the company of Peebles Players at Eastgate Theatre.

Their production this time was 'Wonderful Weather', which transported their appreciative audience from Spring morning birdsong, through raging storm to rainbow and a quiet sunset.

The players ability to evoke the sound and atmosphere of rain, wind, thunder, lightning and eventual calm with their percussion instruments was so effective and no doubt the result of much patient practice. There were improvised ensemble pieces and pitched mood music with tuneful solos by Galina Macneacail on Karimba and Jenny Skinner on Xylophone, as well as the opportunity to join in well loved songs, like Singing in the Rain, and, now a staple of Peebles Players performances, dance by Jeremy Sceats.

I’m sure the Strictly judges would appreciate his expressive arm movements, in particular.

The programme said that the players had very much enjoyed working on this production. It showed! It’s hard to describe the joy and sense of wellbeing these players engender in their audience. They perform with such enthusiasm and spontaneity, that we could all leave ready to face whatever the weather might bring.

We are very blessed in Peebles to have such a special group, producing such life affirming productions, with support, of course from many seen and unseen individuals, not least their Musical Director and founder, Claire Garnett.

Sandy Goodwill