THE true spirit of Christmas came to life in one Peebles household when a young boy asked his parents if he could do something to help homeless people.

That was last year, and the season of goodwill will return next weekend when Billy Clink, along with his family and friends, camp in their garden to raise money for Social Bite’s Wee Sleep Out mission to end homelessness.

Amanda, who is mum to Billy and Hugo, said: “We were talking one night about Christmas time and how lucky we are, and also how it’s not just about presents but about family and food and sharing the love.

“And then we got onto the topic of homeless people and Billy said it would be nice to do something to help.”

Whilst most children their age will be snug in their beds, these big-hearted warriors will brave the cold on Saturday, December 7.

Ashleigh Whelan, whose daughters Madison and Ava are taking part, said: “As we have some very young ones with us we are sleeping out in Amanda’s back garden. The children who are eight years and over will be sleeping out with their responsible adults all night, however, the younger ones will most likely be collected later in the evening.

“The kids are all a mixture of nervous and excited but are proud to be doing something meaningful for a great cause.”