TWO Peebles High School students have spoken to us about yesterday's fire.

Jennifer Merritt from S5 told us: "We got evacuated quickly and safely from the school, although we had to run across the field at some point as the flames and smoke were nearby, which was quite scary.

"Having waited outside for 2 hours which was freezing, we then had to walk to Priorford school and wait for our parents to pick us up."

Another student from S2, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "I was in chemistry when the fire alarm went off. At first we thought it was a practice so we made our way to the nearest exit.

"We walked to the back of the school and two doors opened and there was so much smoke coming out of the building.

"I saw people running out then I got caught in the smoke and I couldn’t see anything. I was struggling to breathe and choking because I was inhaling so much smoke.

"I was so scared and just tried to get out of it as quick as I could.

"When I got to to the pitch I was in shock and crying. I could see the flames roaring up from the school, it was awful. I’m just relieved that everyone got out safely."

The large fire forced school staff to evacuate students away from the building, who were later moved to Priorsford Primary School and the Old Parish Church.

Parents and carers from the school have thanked Peebles High staff and the community for their help and support during this time. In a Tweet they said: "Thanks to our staff for evacuating our children safely, Priorsford Primary,The Parish Church, Tesco and Sarah from the PC and locals for delivering food and above all our grateful thanks to the brave emergency services for all they have done!"