SCOTTISH Borders Council has announced that Peebles High School will remain closed up to the Christmas break.

Due to the significant damage caused to the old gym, art classrooms and surrounding rooms, as well as other areas of the school, the decision has been made to keep the school closed until after the Christmas holidays.

Students and parents will be informed in the coming days of where classes will be relocated, alongside opportunities for online learning.

SBC will utilise the Groupcall service to communicate with parents and carers.

Students with complex needs will be able to attend classes at the Galashiels Complex Needs Centre.

Chief Executive of SBC, Tracey Logan said: “This fire has resulted in some serious damage to the school and it just wouldn’t be safe or practical to open it without taking time to properly assess the damage and plan the recovery.

"To minimise disruption we’ve taken a swift decision to close it right through to the Christmas break.

"We’re making sure we have plans in place to ensure pupils have the best learning experience possible and are supported appropriately for the remaining 14 school days left before the holidays.

"There will be a particular focus on helping pupils who are preparing to sit prelim exams.”

A spokesperson for SBC added: "We are working on arrangements for pupils and staff to get back their belongings that were left in the school when it was evacuated on Thursday.

"We can’t do this until the emergency services give us full access to the school but we’ll communicate details as soon as possible."

The old gym was also set out to be a polling station for the upcoming general election on December 12. Any members of the public who were intending on voting there should now cast their vote from Priorsford Primary School.

Priorsford will now be closed to pupils on December 12.

Have you or your children been impacted by the fire? Get in touch. Email using the subject: PHS Fire.