WHILST man Peebleans were snug in their beds, more than 30 youngsters slept out on the streets.

Fortunately these children were not homeless and only had to brave the cold for one night, unlike those living and sleeping on the streets every day.

Peebles District Guides and Rangers joined Social Bite’s Wee Sleep Out in a bid to end homelessness.

After a night under the stars in the grounds of St Andrew’s Leckie Church, the girls woke up humble and happy after raising £1,800.

Leader of the 3rd Peebles Guides, Susan Bell said: “We had nearly 30 girls and lots of hardy leaders testing their resilience over the night.

“We were asked by the Social Bite project to carry out this initiative in our communities and join the wee sleep out.

"As we reflected in the morning we realised we had all learned a lot about ourselves, most importantly that we should all be very aware of the homeless crisis in the country and ask ourselves ‘are we doing enough’?

“The girls from Peebles High reflected on how this experience will help them maintain resilience over the next few weeks.”

Mary McKay, a volunteer at Street Care attended the wee sleep out to talk to the guides about homelessness.

District Commissioner of the Peebles Girl Guides, Benny Lawrie added: “Fortunately the weather was good to us, the girls started the night building cardboard shelters and slept in them. Some of the girls wrote poems which really reflected their feelings on the issue.”