SHOCKED by the devastating fire at Peebles High, a local business is donating £10,000 to the school.

As local employers, Glenrath Farms say many members of staff and their families were educated at the local secondary school.

After receiving the letter from Sir John Campbell OBE, the parent council said it was completely overwhelmed by the generosity.

Mr Campbell told the Peeblesshire News that each year Glenrath supports local organisations, but this year decided Peebles High School was most in need.

“The directors were having a discussion to decide what organisation we would be supporting this year, but when we heard the sad news about [PHS] we decided to support the school and give them funds to use at this difficult time.”

Mr Campbell said his children and grandchildren were educated at Peebles High. “As a local business we employ many local people, many who have attended the school. We are pleased to have been able to support and help the school and its pupils."

Parents were quick to give their thanks to Glenrath Farms via social media and hailed Sir John 'a legend'.

One parent wrote: “Amazingly generous. Sir John Campbell thank you.”

Another mum said: “Such a kind and generous donation to Peebles High School, a big thank you from me and my S3 daughter.”