ANGRY Peebles Rovers officials have blasted vandals for their repeated attacks at the Alec Lucas Memorial Stand.

The “financially struggling” club say they cannot afford to continue repairing damage caused by louts, who last week wreaked havoc at the pitch and stand at Whitestone Park.

The gang smashed bottles and destroyed the removable fence which was purchased with funds from the memorial football tournament held in honour of the fallen marine.

The chairman of Peebles Rovers, Mark Bisset, is now showing those responsible the yellow card and issued a warning of 'use the stand but respect it'.

Smashed glass, litter, empty bottles, damaged dug-outs, broken windows, fires and graffiti are just some of the problems officials have been greeted with over the years.

Mark told us: “It’s a weekly occurrence these days.

"We have had our clubhouse broken into in the past and we knew who it was but the police couldn’t do anything about it without proof.

“We are struggling financially and really can’t afford to continually repair.

"We would love to install CCTV but we just can’t afford it. I asked the council to put a bin back at the stand as the last one was burned, it took some persuading but we got it.

"So there’s no excuse for all the bottles and smashed glass everywhere.”

The chairman says he is disgusted and saddened at the lack of respect for the ground and stand dedicated to a local hero.

He added: “It doesn’t seem to matter to these people that the stand is named after a fallen marine from the town.

"It continues to be damaged regularly and the graffiti is shocking, there was even a swastika spray-painted at one point.”

The club’s relaxed attitude to people using the stand for social gatherings is waning.

Mark added: “By all means use the stand but respect it.

"We all used it as teenagers but the things that go on down there are beyond belief.

“The police can’t do a thing about it so what chance does a local football club have?”