FEARS have been voiced by members of the Peebles community over alleged gang attacks.

Worried residents in the town contacted Peebles Community Council to raise their concerns about the rise in anti-social behaviour.

And despite the police producing a written report to the community council at their monthly meeting, some members feel they’re being left in the dark about serious issues adversely affecting the community.

Speaking about the police report, Chairman Les Turnbull said: “There’s quite a lot in here about anti-social behaviour that’s been occurring in Peebles, and we raised it at our last meeting when there had been incidents over five previous weekends.

“We had received reassurance that there was a police presence in Peebles and they were doing everything they can. However, it’s a little bit concerning to see that the anti-social behaviour is carrying on and in fact, appears to be escalating.”

The report from the police confirmed that arrests had taken place following an incident in the town.

Mr Turnbull added: “That’s encouraging, but what we don’t know of course is whether this crowd are associated with the others that have been creating mayhem around the town.”

Tweeddale Councillor Robin Tatler sits on the liaison committee for the police Community Action Team and said targeting anti-social behaviour in the town is a priority for the officers.

Community councillor Scott Watson criticised the lack of information from the police. “I think there is very little information in the report and it’s not good enough in my opinion.”

But other members of the meeting say detail is limited due to incidents with on-going investigations and charges being made.

Mr Watson said: “I understand that but the information is very vague of anything that happens in the town. The police report for a period of time got better, there was more content in it and you knowing what was happening without knowing the details, there’s nothing in that.”