A MAIN road through Peeblesshire is proving to be a family’s ruin after a third member damaged her car on the countless pot-holes.

Despite complaints being lodged with Scottish Borders Council, the A703 between Peebles and Eddleston is still peppered with dangerous ruts and pot-holes.

And furious Caroline Hogg believes it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident caused by the crumbling surface.

Caroline’s own car, as well as her daughter-in-law’s and her father’s vehicles have all been damaged on the A703 in recent weeks.

She said: “I never complain about anything but if something isn’t done quickly there will be a serious accident on that road.

“I badly damaged my wheel and had a puncture coming out of Peebles, my daughter-in-law just this week had a puncture after hitting one of the pot-holes and my dad has also hit one in his car.

“These are big pot-holes and drivers will swerve to miss them – I’m really surprised there haven’t been serious accidents already.”

Mrs Hogg filed a complaint with the local authority following her own wheel damage and puncture.

But patching repairs by local authority roads workers were only carried out on the one specific pot-hole.

And as well as the holes there are several sinking drain covers to contend with on the winding carriageway.

Caroline added: “My pot-hole was fixed three weeks later but they left all of the others.

“I’ve complained again as the road is still a mess but nothing has been done.

“I’m sure there will be many other drivers who have damaged their cars on this stretch of road.”

Although there have been reports of minor accidents on the A703 in recent months, it is unknown if pot-holes were a factor.

Nobody from Scottish Borders Council was available to comment on the condition of the A703.