AN Innerleithen community councillor has vented her frustration at the lack of action taken to remove abandoned vehicles in a local car park.

Concerns were expressed at a previous meeting of the town’s community council regarding motorists using the Leithen Road car park as a dumping ground.

Members raised the need for parking restrictions due to a campervan and another vehicle causing problems for visitors and locals accessing the site.

Councillor Robin Tatler informed the community council this week of the local authority’s intention to put an enforcement notice on the campervan.

He said: “There is a notice going up, to basically remind the owners that they shouldn’t be parking there.”

However, community councillor Jackie Couchman doubts this will solve the issue.

She said: “I did some investigation about this myself and the campervan belongs to someone with an English address so it may belong to someone who doesn’t live here and won’t see the notice.

“The other car that is in there with a flat tyre and no MOT - no-one is going to do anything about it I was told.

"I’m going to stop reporting them because I’ve gone to lengths to report with information and photographs just to be knocked back so I’m not very happy about that.”

The community council reiterated the need for parking restriction signage to be erected.

Meanwhile works are to commence to improve parking and access to Morningside.

Councillor Tatler confirmed that there will be two marked parking bays at the junction of Waverley Road and Morningside with clear ‘Give Way’ lines across the junction.

Pre-existing yellow lines along Waverley Road are to be refreshed and parking restrictions are to be highlighted to the Community Action Team.