ST RONAN’S Border Games Committee is inviting nominations for the positions of Standard Bearer and Principal Guest for 2020.

Both will play leading roles in town’s annual celebrations at Games Week 2020, which runs from July 11 to 18.

Chairman Alan Patterson said: “We are now seeking nominations for candidates to lead the 193rd Anniversary of the Games.

“We have been running the public nomination process for the last few years and we hope that the public will help the selection committees once again by nominating deserving people for these important positions."

Standard Bearer - The Standard Bearer of Innerleithen is introduced on May 15 and installed during Games Week. The Standard Bearer carries the Blue Banner of St Ronan’s, plays a leading role throughout Games Week and is the representative of the Burgh, travelling to neighbouring towns as they celebrate their own festivals during the summer months. The Standard Bearer goes on to be right and left hand supporter and retires from the flag party three years after the original own year in office. The Standard Bearer is expected to take an active part in the work of the Games Committee during his term of office and beyond.

Principal Guest - The Principal Guest is invited to give the main address during the Cleikum Ceremonies on July 17 and presents St Ronan and the Dux Girl with their medals. The Principal Guest is involved in other events throughout Games Week. The Principal Guest is often someone who has been associated in some way with the town through their activities or interests or who has shown a commitment to the life and work of the community. Equally, they may have less current links with the area, but through some association, have an interest in the affairs of Innerleithen or St Ronan’s Games. Principal Guest is a one year, honorary appointment.

Nominations are open now for both positions and will close on February 29 - after which no nominations will be considered. Nominations should be made in writing to Joint Secretary, K J Belleville, Braeside, Wells Brae, Innerleithen, EH44 6JE or by email to

Nominations must include the full name and address of the person being nominated, the post that they are being nominated for (Standard Bearer or Principal Guest) along with an explanation for the reason for the nomination. The nomination must be signed and have the full name and address of the proposer.