FURIOUS football officials in Innerleithen are yet again picking up the pieces following a spate of vandalism.

Over the past couple of seasons thugs have regularly targeted the Vale of Leithen ground.

As well as spraying graffiti and damaging the dug-outs at Victoria Park, smashed bottles are often found in and around the enclosure area of the Lowland League club.

Last week the ground was yet again vandalised with further graffiti sprayed onto the dug-outs and pitch-side fencing being kicked down.

Vale chairman Stuart Robertson told us: "Football clubs like ours can't afford this kind of damage.

"Every time these kids come in here and damage the place we have to spend time and money on repairs.

"It's a problem that goes back years but we've noticed it happening more regularly over the past couple of seasons.

"We'd ask anyone who sees people in here when they shouldn't be to call the police - this can't go on."

The problems in Innerleithen are similar to those experienced by football officials at Whitestone Park in Peebles.

Ahead of match days committee members at Peebles Rovers regularly have to clean up broken bottles and litter from their stand.

And there have been several incidents of damage to the dug-outs, pitch-side fencing and clubrooms.

Peebles Rovers chairman Mark Bisset told us: “We are struggling financially and really can’t afford to continually repair.

"We would love to install CCTV but we just can’t afford it.

"I asked the council to put a bin back at the stand as the last one was burned."

Anyone who witnesses vandalism at either Victoria Park in Innerleithen or Whitestone Park in Peebles is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101.