CAMPAIGNERS descended on Thursday's meeting of Scottish Borders Council in a bid to convince the local authority to declare a 'Climate Emergency'.

So far 17 councils across Scotland have made the declaration as efforts continue to halt and reverse the damage being done to the planet.

Despite the Extinction Rebellion protest outside the council headquarters at Newtown St Boswells, bosses have yet to issue any statement.

Protestor Jennie Gibson said: "The declaration is the first step to deal with the problem.

"It shows the council takes climate crisis seriously and so should we.

"It means they have to make plans to cut emissions and we can see if they do it or not. It signals the start of all of us changing how we live."

Out of 32 councils in Scotland, 17 have so far declared a climate emergency with others expected to follow.

Some of the local authorities have also announced targets to reach net zero carbon emissions, widely believed to be the cause of global heating and climate change.

Fellow protestor Kate Duncan added: "There are still climate change deniers to be found but there are fewer of those now.

"Who can deny the fires in Australia, America, and even in Sweden, near the Arctic?

"The ice is melting ever faster in Greenland, glaciers in the Alps are disappearing.

"It’s more than just weather variability, it’s a crisis of a climate damaged by human behaviour. We need action now."

Scottish Borders Council has defended the progress it is making towards climate change.

A spokesperson said: “The council agreed at the end of August that a first action for the Sustainable Development Committee was to review the recent decisions and actions of the UK and Scottish Governments and local authorities around tackling climate change, with a view to making recommendations as to how Scottish Borders Council can play its part.

“The first meeting of the Sustainable Development Committee took place on Friday.

"The committee has asked officers to develop a report for consideration by the full council at the earliest opportunity.”