QUIRKY signs asking cyclists not to ride on pavements have been hailed a success.

A member of the public attended Innerleithen Community Council on Monday evening and said cycling on pavements has always been his “gripe”.

However, TweedLove who organise biking events throughout the Tweed Valley, erected signs in the town to help put the brakes on bikers mounting the walkways.

The resident said he has noticed a marked improvement and asked that the signs be made permanent.

We contacted a representative from TweedLove who said: “It’s now 10 years since TweedLove was born and there’s been a huge difference in the valley in that time.

"There are thousands of locals and visitors riding their bikes here every week these days, so it’s not surprising that there are new pressures alongside all the positives.

“We’re delighted our signs on the pavement have made a difference.

"TweedLove is about promoting and celebrating this amazing place so we’re always up for helping if we can, and if we can do it in a friendly way that’s even better.”