DESPITE breaks in today's (February 12) snow showers, more bad weather is expected for this weekend until Monday, February 17.

The snow showers today are set to clear as the afternoon progresses, but temperatures are reported to drop overnight making way for heavier snowfall tomorrow morning.

The Met Office warn: "A band of rain, sleet and snow will become slow moving across parts of southern Scotland and northern England during Thursday morning. 3-8 cm of snow is most likely to accumulate above 250 metres, but possibly as low as 100 metres in parts of south-west Scotland."

This band of snow is expected to pass by 12pm, with continued sleet and snow showers for the rest of the afternoon.

Further bad weather will hit the Borders however, courtesy of Storm Dennis, which will bring high wind and heavy rain to the region.

The impact is predicted to be less than that of Storm Ciara, but melted snow may add to the risk of flooding in some areas.

The Met Office added: "A band of rain and strong winds will move eastwards across southern and central Scotland on Saturday.

"South to southwesterly winds will gust to 50 to 60 mph along exposed coasts and over high ground. In addition some heavy rainfall is expected at times with accumulations of up to 40 mm on high ground."

Yellow weather warnings are still in place and will remain until Monday.

Motorists and those using public transport are warned that travel conditions may be affected.