TWEEDDALE Councillors have voiced their “frustration” after chasing up council officers over repairs to a dangerous road used daily by Innerleithen commuters and cyclists.

Innerleithen Community Council voiced their concerns at the state of the B709 road which is said to be extremely dangerous with deep potholes.

Councillors Robin Tatler and Stuart Bell met with an officer at Scottish Borders Council last year to discuss costs for the B709.

But they are yet to receive the final figure for work to be carried out.

However, at the town’s community council meeting last month, Council Leader Shona Haslam said that following heavy use of the road during the work on Dirtpot Corner, she was under the impression that funding would be available for remedial work to the road.

Councillors said they would chase up officers regarding the possibility of funding, but last week they told Innerleithen Community Council they hadn’t been given any answers.

Councillor Stuart Bell said: “We’ve asked officers to look at particular set of changes in terms of the B709. We’re both frustrated that they haven’t come back to us but when they do, we’ll report back with what their suggestions are.”

It is also said that debris left on the road after filling potholes is a potential hazard.

Community councillor Jackie Couchman said: “There is a pothole by Jenny’s Well, it has been filled twice in recent weeks which is great, however, there are lots of loose stones on the road that have obviously come out of the pothole.

“It concerns me that a passing car could flip a stone up. It happened to me years ago and the car windscreen was broken. When they’re fixing potholes is it not incumbent upon them to clear up debris that’s come out of the road? You’re talking half my fist-sized stones.”

Councillor Bell said the potholes were not being jet-patched and sealed due to freezing weather conditions which means they deteriorate rapidly. He agreed to request road sweeping in the vicinity of Jenny’s Well.