A LOLLIPOP lady is “dicing with death” trying to get schoolchildren over the road safely according to an Innerleithen community councillor.

Scottish Borders Council is seeking a list of potential sites for solar powered speed signs to be implemented.

Innerleithen community councillor Jackie Couchman had raised the issue of introducing speed signs at a previous meeting in hope of a permanent replacement of the “poorly sited” sign near Jenny’s Well on Leithen Road.

But members of the community council feel the main through road at the Eastern approach to the town, should be a priority due to speeding traffic.

However, Councillor Stuart Bell said it was unlikely to secure funding for more than one sign in the town.

He said: “The roads department is looking at locations for 14 speed indicator signs.

"The criteria for flashing signs will be based on vehicle speeds, the volume of pedestrians and existing signs. Sites preferentially considered will be those that can operate on solar power.”

Mrs Couchman feels the temporary sign coming into town from the B709 on Leithen Road is not placed well for slowing down traffic.

However, community councillor Susan Meikle feels there is greater need of a sign coming into the town from Walkerburn.

She added: “With the speed of cars coming into the town kids are struggling to cross the road to get to school. The lollipop woman dices with death with the speed the cars drive at.”

If Innerleithen Community Council wants to be in with a chance of getting one of the 14 speeding signs, they have to move quickly.

Councillor Bell said: “Other communities in the Borders will be after one of these signs.

"I suggest you get your preferred option submitted as soon as possible."

The community council agreed to submit two requests, the first preference being the A72 and the second the B709.