A HOUSING developer has found itself off-side with residents in Innerleithen following works at the local football pitch.

Whiteburn Projects Ltd, who is the developer at Caerlee Mill, has been creating drainage systems for the development.

The company informed Innerleithen Community Council, that the area next to Leithen Rovers' Victoria Park is fenced off and will remain that way until the weather allows for re-seeding.

Community councillor Jackie Couchman has asked for clarification. “Does this mean that there is no passage to and from the tennis courts for the duration?

"I'd have thought there could have been a gap created in the fencing allowing access.

"It’s a major inconvenience over a prolonged period of time for those wanting to circumnavigate the football field.”

She added: “They have actually tarmacked at the end of the track but with the fencing you have to go all the way round.”

Concerns over the raised bund along the side of the football pitch were also put forward, with particular worries expressed over the drainage inspection hatches currently standing well above the adjacent ground.

Councillor Stuart Bell visited the site two weeks ago and noted that the ground was not levelled.

He intends to write to Jason Hedley at Scottish Borders Council seeking clarification and will report back to Innerleithen Community Council.