ORGANISERS have announced that this year's Innerleithen Music Festival will take place during the weekend of August 21-to-23.

Now in its 18th year the festival continues to provide a great platform for fantastic music in the heart of the Borders.

True to its tradition there will be events taking place across multiple venues in Innerleithen.

And, as usual, much of the activity will be centred at the Vale Club where ‘Live and Local’ will be staged over the three days.

Andy Wright from Innerleithen Music Festival said: "The Innerleithen Music Festival has a strong reputation amongst artists and audience alike.

"Bands and singers approach us throughout the year enquiring about performance opportunities.

"Over the years we have showcased hundreds of bands and solo performers from across Scotland and farther afield, including such household names as Eddie Reader, Capercaillie, Skipinnish as well as traditional music favourites Phil and Aly.

"Last year one of our largest audiences was for local musician and rising star Tommy Ashby who is currently carving out a great reputation on the national music scene."

Ahead of the festival this summer a fundraising concert will be held in the Union Club on Saturday, March 28.

Already confirmed for next month's concert are Redwood Rejects, Soul 56, All the Angels, Bobs Boiler Room and Dylan Paterson.

Tickets go on sale from ‘The Hub on the High Street’, Innerleithen on March 1.