COMMUNITY leaders in Innerleithen are gearing up to ask Scottish Borders Council to help alleviate parking problems in the town.

Local community councillors raised the issue of parking at their monthly meeting and expressed concerns that the problem is “creeping up” and needs action.

Leithen Workshops, owned by the local authority, could offer some additional weekend parking, and was previously considered on a temporary basis last year when weekend events clashed.

Community councillors agreed to contact Scottish Borders Council to ask if this car park could be used to absorb some of the extra parking pressure and take it off residential streets.

Secretary of Innerleithen Community Council, Gordon Daly said: “We are aware that there have been a number of issues with the lack of parking facilities in the town, particularly during music and cycling events.

“Therefore, we agreed to write to Scottish Borders Council to request that it consider allowing the community to access the surplus parking at Leithen Mills Workshops.

“The exciting future that Innerleithen has as a centre for mountain biking will require both the community and the bikers to cooperate over the parking issue.

“However, this small assistance from the regional council will be a significant step towards resolving the problem.”