A PEEBLES family are living in isolation amid fears their vulnerable daughter will die if she contracts coronavirus.

Cancer survivor Charly Bisset, aged eight, was recently celebrating the "best night" of her life having met pop superstar Lewis Capaldi.

But now the youngster's parents have revealed they received grim news last week from medical professionals.

Dad Mark said: “If Charly contracts this [coronavirus] then the reality is she will probably die."

Charly battled leukaemia for over a year and is currently recovering from a bone marrow transplant.

She is one of the cases being investigated by the Scottish Government after she contracted a fungal infection while being treated at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Mr Bisset and his wife Kirsty say they were warned by consultants last week of the grave prospects if their daughter falls ill with COVID-19.

Mr Bisset told the Peeblesshire News that his daughter is “high risk” as her immune system is weak.

Charly's lung function had declined following the infection, he said, which resulted in her being on a ventilator for several weeks.

Charly’s siblings have been taken out of school to minimise risk of infection, and the family are self-isolating.

Mr Bisset said: “We are all scared that we get it and pass it on to Charly.

"We feel terrible that we can’t let our three teenage daughters out, but we are just so paranoid.

“A day out for the family is going somewhere in the countryside like Manor, just to get some fresh air.

"We have still had to take Charly to Edinburgh Sick Kids for a health check but this may change as the Government ramps up its efforts.”

The family are doing everything they can to keep the virus at bay. “We are using hand sanitiser, wipes, soaps disinfectant,” said Mr Bisset.

But contracting the virus is not the only threat to the Bisset family. The empty shelves in supermarkets have meant they have had to wait for vital items for their daughter.

“Shopping is a real problem,” Mr Bisset said. “We are okay just now but the way people are panic buying is chaos. We don’t have the luxury of walking into the supermarket just now because of the risk. We are relying on family friends picking things up as and when they can.”

The outbreak of the virus is just another hurdle for the family who are still recovering from the trauma of Charly’s battle with leukaemia.

Mr Bisset said: “It’s all a real worry and very stressful. It’s not good for my own fragile mental health.”