YOUNG dancers in Biggar are taking online classes now that studios have been shut due to coronavirus.

Cherry Dance School, owned by Megan and Leah Gill, was forced to close its studios because of measures to curb COVID-19.

But last week the school launched a creative way for dancing to continue, relying on a mobile app called Zoom.

Megan told us: "All our usual classes and PE sessions are now online - we had up to 34 pupils last night."

Pupils of various ages have been enjoying the live-video sessions.

However, when the virus restrictions first came into play, the school faced "a bit of a nightmare", according to Megan.

The self-employed sisters feared having no income once the studios shut - but this is no longer a concern.

Megan said: "It's been great, all the parents have been understanding.

"We were worried about having to refund fees as pupils pay on a month-by-month basis.

"But parents have said that as long as we can provide the classes, they're happy to pay."

With schools having closed last week, Cherry Dance Studios want to ensure they are looking after their pupils' physical and mental well-being.

"We're a close network in the dance school," said Megan. "A lot of our pupils enjoy other sports or activities out of school, like rugby, and with the schools and clubs closing, all their worlds have shut down.

"We want to run the classes not just for the physical benefits but for the mental benefits too.

"I've had some of the high school girls message me saying they want a chat or a workout. We just want to keep them moving and smiling.

"I've noticed too that parents are saying their kids have done the dance or PE class, had their lunch and then been able to focus on their work. We want to keep things normal for them and help maintain a routine."

And looking to the future, Megan and Leah hope that the pupils will be able to come together for one big performance when they can dance together again.

She said: "When we can, we plan to get all together at the school to perform a dance they will have all learnt online at home.

"Our competition team have had their season shut down too.

"But we've found an online tournament to take part in. We watch the other teams, then upload a video of our dancers and a panel of judges will look at them."

To join in the dance classes or PE sessions with Cherry Dance Studios, message the school over Facebook at