THE UK Government has refused to send statistics to the Peeblesshire News relating to coronavirus tests carried out in Galashiels this month.

The army ran a temporary testing facility for self-isolating key workers and their relatives at the Netherdale car park in the first week of May.

But a UK Government spokesperson told this newspaper that the number of people seen at “individual test sites” would not be disclosed.

A follow-up request for further details on the Netherdale centre was also turned down this week. Details included whether an extension had been granted.

The pop-up facility was one of dozens set up earlier this month as part of the UK Government's push for more testing. The Borders centre was scheduled to run between May 1 and May 5.

Self-isolating key workers with symptoms were eligible for tests, as were their relatives living under the same roof.

These are the questions which the Peeblesshire News posed to the UK Government on May 4:

  • How many people have visited the Galashiels testing centre so far?
  • How many of those have received a positive diagnosis for the virus?
  • How do the number of visitors to the site in Galashiels compare to those in other mobile centres established in Scotland?
  • How do the number of positive cases confirmed at the Galashiels site compare to other centres in Scotland?
  • What further advice/treatment is offered to those who test positive at a 'drive through' centre?
  • Will the government extend the length of time the town has this mobile testing facility beyond May 5?
  • As the sites are only open to those showing signs of the virus or who are living with someone with symptoms, what is the purpose of these tests?