POLICE officers have been spat at by people threatening to pass on coronavirus, according to Police Scotland.

Records show that officers have been registered as the victims of more than 100 crimes between March 24 and April 18.

Police chiefs are warning that targeting officers is never acceptable.

Deputy chief constable (DDC) Fiona Taylor said: "Abuse and assault is not simply part of the job for police officers and staff and will not be tolerated."

During the pandemic, officers have been encouraging people to abide by social distancing requirements and using enforcement "where necessary", according to police chiefs.

Chief constable Iain Livingstone has thanked Scotland's communities for the high levels of co-operation shown.

However, police say there have been occasions where they have faced "abusive behaviour including threats of deliberate transmission".

In some instances, officers have reported being spat at or coughed on.

DDC Taylor said: "Those doing the right thing will agree these sorts of attacks on our officers and staff are outrageous and disgraceful."

She added: "The chief constable and Lord Advocate have made it clear that those engaging in this behaviour will be dealt with robustly by Scotland's police and prosecution services.

"Threatening a member of Police Scotland personnel, or any other emergency service worker, while they are carrying out their duties to keep the public safe will result in immediate arrest.

"On the occasions where such incidents have occurred we have seen a very supportive approach from sheriffs across the country and, in some instances, offenders have been remanded in custody."