A TOTAL of 48 deaths linked to COVID-19 have happened in the Borders, according to new figures.

In an update published today (May 13), the National Records of Scotland (NRS) presented statistics for the period until May 10.

The report shows that 48 people who have died in the region have had coronavirus mentioned on their death certificate.

Of those deaths, a total of 40 took place in hospital, the report says, with a further five in homes/non-institutions and three in care homes.

NHS Borders has reported eight fewer hospital deaths to date, with the most recent update issued on May 12.

A health board spokesperson provided an explanation about the difference between its method and the one used by the NRS.

They said: "The numbers that we report are patients who have sadly died, from any cause, and have had a positive coronavirus test result.

"The NRS includes the number of cases where COVID-19 was suspected on clinical grounds and was therefore mentioned on the death certificate, but did not have a positive coronavirus test result."

Across Scotland, a total of 3,213 virus-related deaths occurred in the period until May 10, according to the NRS. The council area with the highest toll is Glasgow City, with 510 deaths.

The previous report, for the period until May 3, showed 45 deaths in the Borders.