GOLFERS have donated more than £10,000 to help Peebles Golf Club while the course is closed.

The club's fundraising drive, launched after the coronavirus lockdown, collected more than £7,000 last month.

Les Biscomb, of the club's sponsorship sub-committee, hailed the generosity of donors.

Reflecting on the campaign so far, he said: “It’s been a tremendous success."

Unlike golf clubs south of the border, Scottish courses remain closed – meaning clubhouse coffers continue to struggle.

But the idea of setting up a fundraiser in Peebles has already been vindicated, according to Mr Biscomb.

He said: "As a team, we came up with the idea of, while we’re in lockdown, our members might have vastly reduced income – they’re being paid to work at home or are pensioners – but there’s nowhere to spend your money at the moment.

"You can’t go to golf, you can’t go down the pub, you can’t go to restaurants, many people aren’t driving anywhere, so we thought, while we’re in lockdown, why don’t we ask the members in Peebles, who are kindhearted and generous, to put something each month towards a crowdfunder.”

Comments by donors on the website include, 'Have my coffee money for the coming month otherwise I’ll probably fritter it away' and 'Glad to donate again to ensure our club survives'.

The sub-committee originally set a target of £2,000 each month, but received more than £7,000 in April.

Mr Biscomb said: “We would have been delighted if we’d raised the £2,000 but in the very first month alone we got to £7,700.

"Some of those were one-offs, so people just wanted to join in with the giving and the spirit of helping the club but even so, if you look at May, we’re already at £3,000.

“We were hoping for this to continue for two or three months, £2,000 a month, just to add in the coffers.

"This isn’t funding that’s needed immediately – from a cash perspective, Peebles is doing well.

"This is really for the quiet periods. Once we turn the corner into next year, that’s really when we might need this money, in the quieter days.

“But who knows what’s going to happen with lockdown, and when we’re going to get cash back through other means, like the bar and catering, and visitors.”

Currently, all club staff are on furlough, with the exception of head greenkeeper Steve Borthwick.

“Steve’s going a fantastic job,” said Mr Biscomb. "The course is in magnificent condition – it is very tempting to get out there.”

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that golf clubs in England can re-open, as long as social distancing guidelines are followed.

Mr Biscomb conceded he is "quite jealous", but indicated he is satisfied with the Scottish rules.

He said: “I’d love to get out on the golf course. But equally, we understand that the Scottish Government is not ready because the stats are not there.

"They’re not comfortable with opening golf clubs and we have to respect that.

"Hopefully, in a few weeks’ time, if the number [of virus cases] comes down, we can start to get out in ones and twos.

"For now, we have to live with it and be sensible.

"We’re in the eighth week already – another couple of weeks won’t do any harm.

"It’s achievable to be sensible for another few weeks.”

Donations to Peebles Golf Club can be made via: