A GRAPHIC designer is helping to keep families entertained during lockdown after creating free colouring packs.

Kate Pearson, 32, who owns K Graphic Design, has created six art packs to help ease the boredom of being stuck indoors.

Kate, of Peebles, said: "I absolutely love my job because I get to be creative every day."

Each pack features different activities for children – and adults – including colouring, design, and games like word searches.

Kate said: "Just before lockdown, I spoke to the pupils at my old primary school, Priorsford Primary School, about my career.

"I left feeling inspired by their enthusiasm and the idea of activity packs was born."

She had planned to print the packs but wanted them to be accessible so made them digital – a decision which has paid off.

The 'downloads' page on her website has been visited more than 10,000 times in the last two months, she said.

Kate ensured that each pack had something for everyone, with themes including rainbows and dinosaurs.

"They were designed with young people in mind, but have proved to be just as popular with adults – especially the dinosaur one," said Kate.

Kate also owns Glass Bulldog Wedding Stationary, and with wedding fairs for 2020 cancelled or postponed, both sides of her business have taken a knock.

"Ninety per cent of my bookings have been cancelled or postponed until next year – many of my suppliers are affected too," said Kate.

"I really feel for all businesses facing closure and couples postponing their weddings.

"Like everyone, the biggest challenge of COVID-19 is not seeing friends and family, but staying at home is such a small price to pay to stay safe – especially now ‘Neighbours’ is back on five days a week!"

Kate returned to Peebles only a few years ago, after enjoying multiple career roles including as a wedding planner and working for a London-based design agency.

Looking to the future, Kate already has three new packs in mind and hopes to eventually print the activity books.

She also hopes that once the Borders returns to normal, many of her usual services will be back up and running, especially those catered for weddings and events.

"My clients range from small local start-ups to The Botanic Gardens and Amazon – no two days are the same," she said.

"Going freelance also means I can take my dog, Dr Frankenstein, to work. What more could you ask for?"